DailyTimes | Dubai: a perfect example

Sir: It is without doubt that Pakistan is the most polarised country today. At the same time, it faces countless problems such as political turmoil, media mishaps, unprecedented corruption, a weak economy and fragile institutions. Pakistan is not a failed state, it is a resilient one. It has a bright future ahead of it. We have the great example of Dubai right in front of us. It is mostly called the ‘land of opportunities’ because it is fortunate enough to have great leaders who have turned mirages into miracles. It is a shame that top Pakistani businessmen are happy to invest in the UAE because of security reasons instead of here in Pakistan.

I think Dubai is the perfect example of a progressive Muslim country on the path to full development and potential. All value systems are practiced there and everyone respects the faiths of fellow human beings. Indeed, it is the land of milk and honey. The UAE holds nearly 150 world records due to the sincere and liberal approach of the leadership. At the same time, my heart sinks when I see people from our desert regions, like Tharparkar and Thal in Pakistan, who suffer so much due to the flawed policies of politicians and bureaucrats.