The two lost boys

The two lost boys

Sir: Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan appear to be sketching a new way to destabilise an already compromised state. Calling these the “azaadi (independence) march” and the “inqilab (revolution) march” but with no clear objectives makes no sense. Amidst the verbal abuse, empty threats and songs that praise them for God knows what, it seems like a desperate attempt to pull the prime minister out of his house and onto the streets. Is all this so that we Pakistanis can be delivered from evil and reborn into a new independent state? I do not think so!
The educated masses that favour this lot should look back at the so-called Arab Spring and what became of states like Egypt, Syria and Libya. We already have enough on our plates than having to listen to two screaming boys who did not get their turn to play on the swings!

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