IS’s horrific acts

Sir: US President Barack Obama says the “entire world” is appalled by the murder of US journalist James Foley by the Islamic State (IS). “We are witnessing a tragedy of huge proportions unfolding in which extremists have killed hundreds of people, including women and children. In the wake of Foley’s death, the West must pressure Arab states to assume increased responsibility for the IS’s threat,” writes Owen Jones in The Guardian. According to the veteran Middle Eastern correspondent Patrick Cockburn, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies are the “foster parents” of the IS. Iraqi foreign minister Hoshiyar Zebari urged the world to back his country against the IS, which he described as a threat to the world, not just to the minority ethnic groups whose members it has killed in Iraq. IS poses the greatest danger and has become a training ground for international terrorism. It is the duty of the international community not to stand idle and to take the necessary measures to stop the ongoing horrible crimes from happening.

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Aaj Kal