Energy crisis

Sir: It seems we are fated to live without the basic essentials of modern life. It used to be that we would face regular scheduled loadshedding. However, all such niceties are done away with now, and people have to go through the misery of unscheduled loadshedding/power breakdowns that sometimes go on for more than 12 hours!
Without water, without power, we sit and wait for what else lies in store for us. The prices of food items have already made it impossible to enjoy a decent meal at home, while fuel prices and the lack of CNG have made transport an everyday Herculean task. We can claim to be as patriotic as we want to, but the fact is that none of our persistent problems (violence, militancy, etc) will ever be tackled if we don’t resolve the everyday issues the common person goes through. This apathy on the part of our elite is only making the chasm wider, and the resentments among ordinary mortals in the country deeper. 

Minerva B


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