The TTP’s bad joke


Sir: The list of women and children captives sent by the Taliban to the government is in fact nothing more than a bad joke. If there is any validity or truth to the Taliban claims of these prisoners’ incarceration in the first place, are we to release women back into the hands of people who will simply imprison them in even more degrading and inhuman circumstances than we can imagine — - women treated like animals and sexual slaves and children taught to blow themselves up in order to gain paradise? Or then conversely, if some of these women are among the lunatic fringe, the types that Abdul Aziz recently said he had 500 of wearing suicide bomb vests, then are we supposed to let them go and allow them to come back as suicide bombers? We should instead rehabilitate and re-educate them to see the insanity of their beliefs and the truth of their religious manipulation by these so-called mullahs and their lies. Even a Pakistani jail is a better place for these women and children, if they exist, than what awaits them with the Taliban. On that note, however, we have yet to see some evidence, aside from the ostensible list, that any women and children are in fact in captivity. Until we do, the Taliban claim should be seen as nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt.


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Aaj Kal