Corruption: a way of life

Sir: The monster of corruption has boldly pervaded all spheres of Pakistani society and relief operations in drought and famine affected Thar are not an exception. However, the judiciary is a beacon of hope for the oppressed, depressed, downtrodden and suppressed people of this country. Indeed, our judiciary is a crucial player in the anti-corruption drive and our honourable judges of the superior courts are acting strongly for their part. However, in the wake of chronic corruption in my home province, I request judicial officers to play a more effective role to eradicate the menace of corruption because it is due to corruption that there is famine and bad governance, which is leading to growing hatred and intolerance in this historic land of amity, peace and human harmony. It is worth quoting Dr N Linton of Transparency International who once said, “Corruption undermines democracy by contributing to social disintegration and distorting economic systems.” Indeed, sociologists and criminologists have postulated that corruption is the fons et origo of all modern day crimes. In other words, it is the illegitimate parent of all economic crimes, cheating, fraud, embezzlement and looting of public funds, etc. The irony of it all, however, is that the ruling elite, bureaucrats and technocrats in this country, particularly in my home province of Sindh have come to accept corruption as a way of life. Cynics opine that corruption can never be reduced let alone wiped out in this country and say with some authority that our present efforts to build a transparent society are sure to come to naught. They argue that this worm called corruption is so endemic and has eaten so deep into the fabric of the nation that like the AIDS virus, it is highly infectious and untreatable. Their contention is that every department of government has been affected and it is a waste of time to even attempt a cure. The only remedy, they maintain, is to learn to live with it. Despite this doomsday scenario, I am hopeful that our courageous judges of unquestionable integrity will wage war against the menace of corruption in Sindh province. 

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