An airport for Peshawar

Sir: The government claims that they have scrapped the plan to relocate Peshawar International Airport, because a new international level airport has opened in Islamabad, two hours drive away from Peshawar. I, like many other Peshawarites, would strongly protest such a move. We, the people of Peshawar, have placed high hopes on a new airport. The Peshawar International Airport is the only airport in the world that has a main railway line passing across its runway. Ironically it is because of the airport that the Railways cannot utilise the current track to instal a Peshawar city inter-link train service. And it is the same reason an elevated highway cannot be constructed on railway property.
Considering that Peshawar is the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the city receives traffic from the province and from Afghanistan. And with the construction of the CAR (Central Asian Regions) programme, Peshawar will gain even more importance as a trade centre, which will result in more air traffic and rail traffic. I would like to request the government of KP to construct a new, bigger airport near Peshawar. Remember that delaying such a project is stopping Peshawar from becoming a metropolitan city. 

Shahryar Khan Baseer


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