Discouraging beggars

Discouraging beggars

Sir: In cities across Pakistan, beggars can be found on every street and square. Beggars are increasing in number not only because of increased poverty in the country where every other citizen is strapped for cash, their numbers are increasing also because the nation, very good-heartedly, believes in donations. Certain materialistic components in the society tend to benefit from this positive side of the entire society. Also, since they are generously given alms, there is no incentive for these beggars to give up their ways and earn through respectful means.

It is perhaps because of the earnings margin in this ‘profession’ that even the not-so-poor get into it for easy and quick money. Those who really deserve financial aid from their fellow brothers, most of the time prefer not to spread their hands before anyone and end up suffering.

There is a consensus in society that seeking alms unnecessarily is a mean thing and that this menace should be eliminated. Beggars not only exhibit an inactive side of society and discourage others to earn their living through genuine ways, they also take away the money that is meant for other deserving people.

In order to eradicate this evil, society along with the government will have to establish institutions that would not only stop the beggars, but to also set up a system where charity money could reach those who really deserve it.

Shiza Shahid