DailyTimes | Who will educate the educators?

Sir: Most of us lead lives as if we are here to stay forever. Most of us do not even know what we have come here to achieve. Most of us lead a life without any objectives. Most of us never understand the true value of life and what does it mean to be a morally sound person. Therefore, instead of moving ahead in life, most of the people keep circling around their selves without ever accomplishing anything. It is so because of our education system that does not inculcate in students the ability to introspect and do soul-searching. We are producing income generating human beings sans soul and heart. Karl Marx once said, “Who will educate the educators?” How long will we continue to educate our young ones in this mechanized way? How can we begin a comprehensive education system for our society? Towards whom should we look, as true and real teachers are in such short supply? 

Syed Usman Shah