DailyTimes | Now that the namaloom afrad has been identified

Sir: For the first time in the history of Pakistan news channels have shown a perpetrator earlier said to be an “unidentified person” or “namaloom afrad”. Every time something happens, the people are kept in the dark about the identity of the apprehended criminals involved in sabotage, murder or other crimes. News channels have now shown a person named Gullu Butt, caught on camera, leading the police contingent and vandalising vehicles during the assault on Minhajul Quran in Model Town, Lahore.
Pakistan is a poor country, where the majority of its population is finding it hard to make ends meet. In the event of a street demonstration or riot, public property is damaged and no one takes responsibility. Street politics and agitations have ruined many homes and destroyed the properties of many. People purchase vehicles out of their precious savings but some unscrupulous culprits get away with destroying such hard earned assets. The government never compensates. When somebody’s car, motorcycle or shop is burnt or damaged, nobody cares. It is the responsibility of the government to compensate those whose properties are damaged.
This is the first time the media has highlighted the culprit who has damaged cars. I salute the independent news channels for a job well done. The culprit has been identified and now it is the responsibility of the government not only to bring him to book but also his accomplices, and compensate the poor people who have suffered losses.