A timely intervention

A timely intervention

Sir: I want to appreciate the timely intervention of Mr Nisar Ahmed Khuro, the Education Minister Sindh, to stop the Dawood Public School Karachi (DPS) from changing its closing time from 1:40 pm to 2:20 pm to run extracurricular activities. The timings were changed without consulting parents. His timely action will become a precedent for schools who change policies without taking into consideration the impact of their decisions on students and parents.

DPS has also been blamed for raising fees without any rationale, calling students on Saturdays, and introducing a zero period where only the principal makes a speech to the students. The intervention of the education minister should also serve as a warning for schools where managements fail to understand that extended timings and increasing days badly interfere with the daily routine of the children and their parents.
Haseeb Sheikh

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