Traffic laws

Sir: It is encouraging that the Sindh Assembly recently passed two laws. One is about graffiti, also called wall chalking, and the second one is on traffic rules.
Laws have been passed, but one can’t see their implementation. Neither the graffiti has been cleared nor are traffic laws being followed. Keeping the present traffic situation in mind, I believe we will soon be unable to drive on Karachi roads. Lately, one has noticed that rickshaws are driven by children and are overloaded. The traffic police are silent spectators. Perhaps they are only on duty for VIPs. The government has failed to implement traffic rules strictly while the limited force is mostly on VIP duties. Why doesn’t the government outsource the traffic police to the private sector? If this matter is not seriously taken up and resolved, one day we will not be able to drive on Karachi roads. What will be the future of our next generation?
The media has responsibilities. It must aggressively run a campaign on these matters.

Rasheed Barket


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