Salaries of public servants

Sir: This is with reference to the delay in the disbursement of salaries into the bank accounts of public servants. I am a Punjab government servant in BS-19, with more than 24 years of unblemished service record.
I often feel embarrassed when my salary is not credited to my bank account on the first of every month.
Although the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) sends timely advice to banks for disbursement of salaries through banks, most of the banks intentionally hold them back just to earn some profit, which is not justified.
The same thing happened this time when I contacted my bank about the status of my salary, whether it had been credited to my account on May 2nd. I was shocked to know that it might be done on May 5th after the weekly holidays.
The entire system in the public sector is hostile to honest officers who are salary-dependent in this age of dearness. The provincial government is indifferent to the plight of public functionaries who find it difficult to make both ends meet with their meagre salary.
In order to mitigate the hardship of public functionaries, I request the SBP to take action against all those banks which cause delay in the distribution of salaries for their vested interest, against the principles of equity and fair play.

Farooq Bashir Butt