Pensioners’ agonies

Sir: The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development recommends that the pension of retired citizens by the EOBI be increased to Rs 6,000 from Rs 3,600. I am in complete unison with all those who believe that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip.
It is doubtful whether this recommendation would be implemented.
Many bills and resolutions passed are pending implementation; the latest example is the resolution passed by the Senate on April 14, binding the prime minister to attend the session once in a fortnight, which still needs to be complied with.
Here I would also like to mention the draft bill, namely the Pakistan Senior Citizens Welfare
Act 2007, awaiting approval by the National Assembly for the last many years.
The bill is aimed at making provision for the welfare of senior citizens and I am sure that it would be kept pending as there are much more important issues to be discussed than the welfare of citizens who have lost their utility.
Based on the Supreme Court’s orders in respect of problems faced by pensioners and senior citizens, the State Bank of Pakistan issued instructions to all banks in 2009 to ensure that adequate seating arrangements and clean drinking water facilities be available in branches for all senior citizens, especially for old-age pensioners and utility bill payers.
Further, the bank staff should help and facilitate old-age pensioners (senior citizens) in availing themselves of banking facilities and treat them with respect and dignity.
How much of these instructions are being followed needs no comment!

Malik ul Quddoos