Roses are not so red

Roses are not so red

Sir: Valentine’s Day this year was a huge let down, and I am not talking about the government’s crackdown on this day because, every year, loud proclamations are made about curbing celebrations of the day of love but, where there is a heart there is a way and the people of Pakistan always manage to find ways to declare their love. However, this year, the astronomical prices of all things cute and cuddly prevented many from gifting these usual treats to their loved ones. Plain red roses were unaffordable and stuffed teddy bears that usually cost around Rs 600 were no less than Rs 2,000! It was a national fleecing day and much money was made. However, many pour souls, who could not afford all these extravagances, were dumped by their significant others because of their ‘lack of generosity’ or what we like to refer to as being kanjoos (miserly).

Thank you Pakistan and all its shopkeepers — you just gave me a broken heart this year!