Government and LEAs slumbering

Sir: I was at the Karachi airport on the morning of the attack on it to board for Peshawar. The first thing I noticed was minimum security checking compared to what I had seen in the Islamabad or Peshawar airports. As passengers we were happy to move smoothly through different checkpoints though. 
Now I understand why it had been easier for the terrorists to barge into the airport without much resistance. It also shows that other than lacking the capacity to operate on the intelligence received, we are also short of technology and expertise. 
The US can come in the night and conduct an operation on our territory; people from Afghanistan can enter Pakistan and kill our soldiers, and the Taliban could easily enter the GHQ, the Kamra air and Mehran naval bases.  Is there any justification left to call ourselves a country that knows how to defend itself, something that we do not tire of saying to warn India?  In reality we don’t have anything except a government and its Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) in slumber.

Mujahid Torwali


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