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Which people?

Which people?

Sir: It was reported recently that a visit by the Prime Minister (PM) to PIMS hospital in Islamabad caused disturbance and inconvenience for patients, visitors and doctors at the facility and was more of a hindrance than a help. Reports say that even ambulances with patients on board were forced to wait outside the hospital while the PM visited a party member who was recovering from an illness. It was not even an official visit! This is the problem with Pakistani politicians, who have no regard or concern for ordinary people. They have no idea what kind of problems people face because they spend their days in air-conditioned luxury while people swelter in the heat outside. How can we expect men so alienated from the lives of Pakistanis to understand or lead us? The PM’s callous attitude is matched only by the rudeness and arrogance of his security team and other sycophants, who gain a substantial degree of self-importance through their connection with him. They act as if they own the world and trample upon our rights of movement, push people out of the way, and point guns at citizens. Nawaz Sharif should realise that it is public opinion keeping him in power right now. He had better not turn it against him.