Sir: The directions given by pharmacists can’t be categorised as ‘self-medication’ by any law since they have comprehensive knowledge of pharmacology and therapeutics.
In developed countries, pharmacists are considered a firm tier of the healthcare system with remarkable contribution towards a composite health institution and play an efficient role in patient counselling and counter prescription checking.
The root cause of self-medication is quackery. A large number of quacks have inflicted great damage to the healthcare system in Pakistan and, unfortunately, there are no rules and regulations to curb it.
On the other hand, a lay person after being relieved of any disease starts considering himself an expert on it and gives suggestions to others with complete ignorance of subjective variables.
In Pakistan, to surmount all sorts of medication errors and malpractices, the only curative is the devising of an integrated healthcare system with an effective role of all healthcare tiers where everyone is accountable for errors.

Iqbal Rana


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