Address the roots of militancy  


Sir: The Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC), the Pakistan Civil Society Forum (PCSF) Sindh Chapter and the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER) vehemently condemn the terrorist attack at the Karachi Airport which resulted in the deaths of 18 law enforcement agencies’ personnel, including those from the Airport Security Force, Rangers and the police, as well as the killing of 10 terrorists.

A joint statement by the civil society organisations suggests, “The matter raises serious questions over the state of security and intelligence that covers highly sensitive establishments such as the Karachi Airport, which is used by the public most frequently. Last night the terrorists proved that they can hold the state of Pakistan hostage any time they want.”

The statement suggests that the citizens of Karachi would be within their rights to raise questions over the effectiveness of the operation launched last year to target criminals and address growing violence in the city. “The operation has been running for months and yet the terrorists were able to carry out an attack at the most guarded and sensitive public installation.”

The PPC, the PCSF and PILER urge that the core causes of militancy and terrorism be addressed. The state’s continuous support to the forces espousing violence, its dual policy on the Taliban and its unwillingness to commit itself to the welfare and development of its citizens, opting to pursue its own narrow interests, is at the root of the crisis that the people of this country repeatedly have to face. “Defence and security claim one of the highest shares of resources in the annual budget of the country. Yet, Pakistani citizens, especially those in Karachi, remain at the mercy of terrorists.”

Shujauddin Qureshi