FIA and probes

Sir: Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has ordered to make the working of FIA effective and efficient. He has also asked the senior officials of the agency to identify the inefficient, corrupt and informers within their set-up and remove them. Well, only time will tell if the FIA officials would listen to their boss or not.

It is common knowledge that FIA probes are delayed, twisted, or when required completely stalled to favour the corrupt and powerful. According to newspaper reports there had been massive corruption in some state-owned enterprises to the tune of Rs 800 billion in the last five years. However, even after the completion of investigations, not a single culprit has so far been apprehended. Recently it was announced that 17 employees of a state-owned oil marketing company were found to have been involved in corruption and embezzlement of billions of rupees. Though an FIR was ordered to be filed against the culprit, the pressures from above did not allow it to happen.

Mr Minister, even you cannot walk your talk when it comes to apprehending financial culprits in this country. Why is the FIA head office not approving registration of an FIR against the nominated culprits is a question worth asking.

Yawar Ali