Privileges and bureaucrats  


Sir: The higher grade government officers, from section officer to the secretary level, are most privileged persons.

They remain bureaucrats even after retirement. While in service, besides pay, well-furnished offices and government housing, they draw facilities such as chauffer-driven cars with fuel.

After retirement, they get a portion of the commuted pension, as well as draw monthly pension and other allowances, etc. The retired bureaucrats of Islamabad draw their pensions from the National Bank of Pakistan, Corporate Branch, Supermarket, Sector 6, Islamabad. The bank used to function in a rented plaza. Recently, it constructed its own building near the State Bank in sector 5 and moved there.

These privileged persons felt it inconvenient for them to visit the new place. The bank has retained the fully air-conditioned ground floor of the old building on rent to facilitate these bureaucrats.

One does not envy their new or previous status, but favours extended to them do create heartburn and resentment among those pensioners who draw pensions from other branches of the National Bank of Pakistan.

And one wonders why the NBP, after spending billions on its own building, has still retained the pension section in the old rented building.

All this is painful because every single penny in the national treasury is needed to be saved and invested for economic growth. Although the rent paid by the bank appears insignificant in full perspective, a ‘small leak’, if not plugged, can ‘drown a great ship’.

Therefore, the finance minister, being the custodian of the national exchequer, needs to take quick action to prevent further loss to the state institution.

Raja Shafaat Ullah