Sir: Statistics reveal that of the world’s 13 largest cities, Karachi is the most dangerous with the highest homicide rate in the world. There is hardly any crime that is not prevalent in Karachi. Ninety percent of the people living in Karachi are now victims of psychological stress.
People prefer staying indoors to avoid any untoward incident. Businesses are suffering severely and no one at the helm of affairs is willing to take any action to change the state of affairs. The government of Sindh has miserably failed to fulfil its constitutional obligation to guarantee the security of the life and property of the citizens of Karachi. Law enforcement agencies, whether it is the police, the Rangers or the army, have turned a blind eye as well. Keeping in view the way things are going, the maximum one can do is hope and pray that the city, once known as the city of lights, regains its lost peace and prosperity.
Marium Akram

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