Women and stress

Sir: Smoking, consumption of alcohol and drug abuse is common in western countries in people of both genders. But in our part of the world the ratio of men who are into these things is far more than females. The majority of women still try to stay away from smoking, drugs and alcohol. Yet females are experiencing health issues. What are the reasons for this declining health of females in the Indo-Pak region? It is their sedentary lifestyle, erratic eating habits and lack of exercise that are a few of the reasons. But I would like to throw light upon the relationship of stress and declining health. Females, especially housewives, are literally holding a burning furnace of tension in their heads. Domestic, financial, social and sometimes undue obsession and anxiety about other minor things all add up. Disturbed mental health culminates into disastrous physical health.

Females should be encouraged to engage themselves in activities that help them relax their minds like doing jobs, pursuing their careers, making household handicrafts and excursion with family and friends. And if they find it difficult to cope with stress even after trying all this, they should not hesitate to consult psychologists or psychiatrists, which happens to be a very common practice in many foreign countries.