The official thieves

Sir: I have recently invested my savings in the National Saving Certificates. Lately when I went to collect my profit I was asked to sign on a receiving of Rs 6,600. But what I actually got was only Rs 5,960. When I asked about the difference the officer told me that they had been asked by the government to deduct 10 percent from every profit. I was also told that it was the direct orders of the prime minister. Now I call this stealing. One, I was asked to sign on a receipt carrying the wrong figure and two, I had not been informed in advance about this new policy. How can the government take away money from anyone without at least informing them in advance? I call this an act to fleece people unattended. 
This is not the first time that the masses are being robbed of their savings. I still remember the collapse of the corporative banks during Nawaz Sharif’s first term. Hundreds of people, from middle and lower middle classes lost their hard earned money to the looters of these banks.
In his second term he froze the foreign currency accounts to justify the nuclear test and to compensate for the international restrictions that followed. Again many people lost fortune and had never been able to recover their full money. 
I request the government to stop fleecing people indirectly. The poor are already burdened with load shedding, inflation and investment crisis. 

Abid Habib


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