EU on the brink

Sir: In the ongoing Ukrainian crisis in the Eurasian region, most of the focus is on US and Russian diplomatic relations but one must also look at the fragile, almost critical condition of the EU on this particular issue. The EU has been engulfed in a severely messy situation as it is unable to decide whom to align with in this mess. The fundamental reason behind its indecision is economic dependence. To a great extent, the EU cannot risk inciting Russia because it is heavily dependant on the Kremlin for its energy requirements. Moreover, even if they, along with the US, support Ukraine’s independent stance, Russia’s economic leverage on Ukraine will put them in an embarrassing situation because they will be unable to financially support Ukraine in the midst of their own economic crisis and mammoth financial needs. Supporting a new Ukrainian regime while being unable to assist them financially will put the EU in an embarrassing situation. Thus, the EU has to devise its policy with extreme caution. 

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Aaj Kal