Catastrophe in Thar

Catastrophe in Thar

Sir: Every living soul in Thar, no matter what age or gender, is a victim of the devastating drought and famine ravaging the area. One can see the corpses of those who have died of hunger and thirst while the carcasses of animals are scattered everywhere. Indeed, Thar is a catastrophe. Had the provincial rulers and the (insensitive) local administration not shut their eyes to the unfolding catastrophe, had they issued early warnings and supplied sufficient food, water and feed for livestock, this tragedy could have been averted. Reports reveal that the situation with regard to malnutrition in all parts of Sindh province — particularly drought- and famine-hit Thar — has worsened alarmingly.

It is reported that many lactating mothers in various parts of the province have been unable to produce milk for their children because of their poor diet, while there are chronic epidemic and pandemic diseases in the province. A human catastrophe looms over Sindh because of poor sewage systems, sanitation conditions, malnutrition and the unavailability of potable water and medicines in hospitals, dispensaries and basic health units. The negligent provincial government and the local administration are requested not to shut their eyes and to take preventive measures in Sindh before a human catastrophe like Thar sweeps the entire province.