Pillion riding

Sir: The government of Sindh has once again imposed a one month ban on pillion riding. Though one has yet to see any good coming out of this ban, especially in the realm of law and order, one area benefiting the most out of the ban is the transport mafia of Karachi. On the other hand the traffic police get an opportunity to pocket additional bribes from those violating the ban. The ban is perhaps unique to Pakistan, with no visible results. The prognosis that allowed for the ban has been that pillion riding makes target killing easier. Have we seen any letup in target killing? The ban is not applicable to the officials of city police, traffic police, rangers, guards of security companies, and government employees recognizable by the green number plate. The families of these officials use pillion riding while the common man, amidst inflation and other miseries, is left fettered by the ban. For a common salaried class family, a motorcycle is an economical means of transportation since it accommodates two or more people.

I request the concerned authorities to please start thinking about the common man. It is easy to ban pillion riding but difficult to come up with ingenious ways to deal with crime.

Ashfaq Sharif