DailyTimes | The problems of the common people

Sir: Our electronic media is abuzz with talk shows on abstract issues: democracy, autocracy, electoral reforms, the azaadi (freedom) march and inqilab (tsunami) march, but nobody is seriously concerned about the problems of the fixed income section. For example, electricity has become very expensive over the years. I have been paying 20 percent of my monthly pension as electricity tariff (Rs 18,000 for July). We are a small family using normal household electronic appliances. Our only luxury item is one air conditioner. We are victims of scheduled and unscheduled load shedding in this hot weather.
The plight of people living on or below the poverty line is pathetic. They do not have access to clean drinking water, what to speak of health, education, welfare and security? Nobody feels secure in the capital. The under privileged people are praying to God to visit Pakistan to salvage them of this miserable existence called life.