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Sham democracy

Sham democracy

Sir: Human rights and democracy go together but unfortunately we do not have a good story to tell about the enforcement of fundamental rights as enshrined and guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973.

Practically nothing has been done to promote education, health, undertake rural development, maintain law and order and alleviate poverty. Girls school enrolment statistics are not encouraging in Sindh. Is this not a mockery of the rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan? Since the government has failed to even realise that it has not delivered according to the constitutional obligations, it is now for the human rights activists, civil society and lawyers to come forward and shake the government out of its slumber of ignorance. In this backdrop, the courts should continue to give liberal interpretations on matters related to the fundamental human rights so that at least a base begins to be laid for a just and tolerant society.

Hashim Abro