Not for the common man  


Sir: The Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has allocated Rs 30 billion for the Multan Metro Bus project, which will be completed by August 14, 2015. He has also approved two double lane highways from Dera Ghazi Khan to Forte Munro and from Dera Ghazi Khan to Muzaffargarh. The CM admitted that because of inadequate planning the previous developmental projects in Multan had to be discontinued.

These new projects by the PML-N government in southern Punjab are appreciable but they provide no relief to the common man who will remain burdened with the difficulty to even afford two decent meals a days to his family. Such projects benefit a very limited class of people. During the inauguration ceremony of the project the CM announced that the government is also considering building a cancer hospital in Multan. This sounds good. It would be much appreciated if the government prioritizes the needs of the people instead of simply constructing roads and bridges one after the other.

Mujtaba Sohail Raja