Mere laws, no action

Sir: The recovery of 5,000 illegal SIMs from a terrorist caught in Karachi should not have come as a rude surprise to the Sindh Assembly. It is for such occasions that the poet Mir Taqi Mir had written his famous couplet: Jaane na jaane Gul hi na jaane baagh to sara jaane hai (Except for the flower, the whole garden knows it). One must also appreciate the Sindh information minister for confessing that he too has had seven illegal SIMs issued on his name, though he uses only one.
The resolution passed by the Sindh Assembly on May 5 to ban all illegal SIMs could only be taken with a pinch of salt like all the other laws that the Assembly has passed so far.
All that the government needs to do is announce that all SIMs would stand blocked beyond a certain date unless they are registered through a process that is traceable to a CNIC, biometric impression, and complete postal address. The number of SIMs issued per person should also be limited from five to two.
Naeem Sadiq