VVIP movement and protocol


Sir: It is highly deplorable that the honourable judges of the Supreme Court had to traverse a considerable distance on foot due to the sit-ins of PTI and PAT. The honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan had therefore issued orders to clear the Red Zone of all such hindrances that were causing inconvenience. Now that the esteemed judges have experienced such inconvenience for themselves, would their Lordships also issue similar orders for the VVIP movements, which cause great inconvenience to the public in general and patients in particular, in reaching hospitals in time, to the extent that at times some breathe their last in the ambulances, while a few undergoing labour are forced to deliver babies in rickshaws?

I am sure that the government cares deeply for the comfort and convenience of the public as they have been claiming for the last twenty days in defence of their staying in power. They have assured us that we will get everything that the constitution promises us and I am sure that the constitution does promise me access to a hospital if I am ill.