Sir: Cheers to the members of parliament for becoming a collaborative force against the havoc created by the makeshift cricket tournament in the red zone these past few weeks. The throbbing and painful nerves of Pakistanis worldwide were soothed by the comforting and facilitating speeches that repeatedly assured us of democratic continuity in parliament. Amidst statements of support for the prime minister and his government, we have yet to see implementation of any robust action. While parliamentarians nudge and push the prime minister to establish the writ of the state, he is miles away staring blankly into the distance. Nawaz Sharif needs to understand that not only parliament but the entire Pakistani nation is standing right behind him and he should do what needs to be done. Now this is ‘naya (new) Pakistan’! And we have to admit that while the former captain waits for the finger of the umpire, we as a nation have already bowled him out! Howzzat!


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