Constitution held supreme

Sir: For more than a month this unfortunate country has been hostage to the obsessions of two individuals, one driven by his desire to be prime minister and the other obsessed with vengeance. As if this was not enough, a few half-baked analysts would have us believe that contrary to what Quaid e Azam stated, the constitution is not supreme, it can be suspended, altered at will. For a country that has endured humiliating disintegration in 1971 when a dictator chose to trample on and subvert the constitution, denying to the majority their right to rule, this is a recipe for yet another disaster.

I am no admirer of Nawaz Sharif, but he is a constitutionally elected PM. While people have the right to demand reforms and force an elected government to ensure equal opportunities, rule of law, eradication of nepotism, corruption and strict audit of state funds and taxes, it does not give this right to any one individual to act as the judge, jury and executioner, on his assumption of rigged elections. Electoral reforms must be enforced, but can only be achieved through an independent judiciary and powerful election commission, working strictly in accordance with the constitution.