Cutting off defaulters

Sir: This is with reference to your editorial ‘Cutting off defaulters’ (May 1, 2014). An average Pakistani is a feudal at heart. Place him in a powerful position and find him tempted to abuse authority. He starts believing that respect comes by owning and not following rules and regulations. Go to any government office, you will find air conditioners switched on, way before the officers reach office. This is to ensure that the officer doesn’t sweat and become uncomfortable. No government officer is bothered about electricity wastage in his department because he doesn’t have to pay from his own pocket. The result is in front of us; the government is one of the major defaulters. In private companies, managers are taken to task if electricity consumption takes away a good chunk of his department’s budget. But government employees, knowing that they would not be held accountable or sacked, happily ignore being careful about expenditures. The government must do what the private companies do: make the department heads pay for the electricity used in their offices. This will, of course, require meters to be installed in every department, but it will pay off in the long run.



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Aaj Kal