Issues with NTS  


Sir: After passing my graduation I tried to seek admission to a master’s degree programme in Balochistan University. For this I submitted the admission form, along with Rs 1,000.

I was waiting for an interview call but the university changed the decision and opted for holding a test under the National Testing Service (NTS). We all paid Rs 750 each for the NTS test, along with our forms. We were then told that we would get our test roll number slip via the Internet. But NTS did not publish our roll numbers on the Internet. As a result, many of our friends who were from rural areas of Quetta or other parts of Balochistan, could not make it for the test and it caused their disqualification.

Those candidates who were from the city took the examinations and were told that their results would be published on the Internet after three days.

I waited for the results for about 15 days but these were neither published on the Internet nor in any newspaper. I made a call to the Balochistan University’s department concerned, asking it about the NTS results. The answer I got was shocking. I was told that the results were announced immediately after the test and interviews of the qualified candidates had also been conducted.

When I inquired why NTS did not publish the results on the Internet or in any newspaper, I was told that the NTS had e-mailed us the results. What sort of merit is this? Who is responsible for those who could not join the test?

Why did the university ask the NTS to conduct the test? NTS should be abolished as it is not working on merit.

Rizwan Zehri