Clifton project  


Sir: Without commenting one way or the other on the merits of the complaint raised by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, I would say that its timing, when the Clifton’s flyover and underpass project is halfway through, seems unfortunate. All parties concerned should show maturity and accept the fact that at this stage abandoning the project is not an option, and completing the work in the shortest possible time is the only sensible way to move forward, rather than the legal wizards showing their brilliance, getting adjournments and stay orders, and thus causing untold misery to the masses by prolonging their suffering.

I can well imagine the inconvenience caused to the residents of nearby localities. They were braving all the disruption in the hope of better-than-before infrastructure around July 31. They are not sure now as to how long they will have to endure the prevailing conditions, with the place all dug up and abandoned, and dust clouds adding to their misery.

I am quite sure that the flyover and underpass, when completed, would be a thing of beauty as also of utility, and Bahria Town was doing this public service at its own cost.

The KMC’s counsel has also expressed the opinion that the project would ease traffic congestion around the area of Park Towers and the shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi.

The DHA has already in hand a massive project in the form of DHA City Karachi, relatively smaller projects to Bahria Town, and in the ensuing rivalry make the public suffer unnecessarily.

S H Hashmi