JI brands ‘Pakistan Idol’ an ‘obscene’ programme


ISLAMABAD: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has taken strong exception to the airing of what it believes are obscene musical programme on private TV channels in the country, singling out “Pakistan Idol”.
Jamaat-e-Islami, which is known for giving out controversial statements on various issues, categorically ranked the musical competition in the category of obscenity. The party asked the government to explain airing of “obscenity” through such musical contests on TV channels. JI’s lawmaker Sher Akbar Khan, whose calling-attention notice will be taken up by the National Assembly today (Monday), said the Pakistan Idol is spreading obscenity in the country. The Pakistan Idol, which is being telecast by a private TV channel, has been viewed massively, its management claims. It has been aired for the last several months and has recently entered its final phase. Akbar Khan objected to the singing and dancing of young boys and girls in the Pakistan Idol, saying that it has caused grave concern among the public. The order of the day for today’s National Assembly session has two calling-attention notices, and Khan’s notice is one of them. He has sought the attention of the information and broadcasting minister on the issue. Talking to Daily Times on Sunday, Akbar Khan said that this calling attention notice is against “obscenity” in the musical competitions being held on private channels. “My move is against what is being aired with girls and boys singing and dancing together. This is a kind of obscenity,” Sher Akbar replied when he was asked what he found obscene in the Pakistan Idol. The JI has only four lawmakers in the house of 342 members. 

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