PAC orders action over disappearance of CDA files

ISLAMABAD: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Thursday expressed serious reservations over the disappearance of files of big contracts in the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and directed NAB and FIA to hold inquiries into a few cases and submit their report.The committee directed action against those people who are involved in the misplacement of the files. Taking notice of irregularities in granting a bid for Transport Shuttle Services of the diplomatic mission, the PAC was informed that the agreement file was missing. It noted that the services provided by the company were sub-standard and it was also fleecing the poor who intend to visit embassies. Instead of charging Rs 200 per passenger, the original fare, the contractor is charging Rs 500 per passenger, the PAC was informed.Cabinet Division Additional Secretary Arif Khan told the committee that the agreement was signed on May 28, 2008 under which the CDA was to be paid Rs 44,446 on yearly basis. Five parties had entered bids for the project bidders, and Diplomatic Shuttle and Transport Service Company was short-listed. However, the official failed to provide the exact criteria under which the contract was awarded because the file was missing. CDA Chairman Maroof Afzal informed the committee that the file has been missing since 2009.The CDA held an inquiry on this project but the inquiry report is also missing. The case was referred to NAB but it was also returned with no inquiry. The NAB representative informed the committee that as the matter was related to fixing of prices, therefore, NAB has nothing to do with it. Audit officials informed the PAC that the CDA has agreed with the Shuttle Services that after the expiry of the agreement it will be renewed for another seven years.PAC chairman ordered the case be sent to FIA for investigation, identification of the culprits. He also called for issuing show-cause notices to the officials concerned of the CDA. He also ordered an uiry to determine who is responsible for the misplacement of important files from the CDA. The committee also directed the CDA to suspend the right of way, power and other facilities to Centaurus Shopping Centre until it clears its outstanding dues. It was noted that initially the CDA had allowed the construction of 20 stories of the centre, but later on it was allowed to construct up to 42 stories, but ultimately the construction was stopped at 32 stories. The PAC was informed that no extra amount was paid to the CDA for the construction of 12 extra stories.

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