RAC stages ‘Pehchan Humari Pakistan’

ISLAMABAD: The fun lovers of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi were entertained with a play `Pehchan Humari Pakistan’ staged at Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) in connection with Independence Day celebrations.The play titled “Pehchan Humari Pakistan”, was written by Azhar Firoz and directed by Imran Rushdi while portraying theme on nation’s identity and provided an opportunity of lughter to the viewers. The social issues were discussed with some wit, humor and positive criticism, while the first scene sarcastically described our society that some people are misfit for right job. The play opened with a two stalls in which one is mobile easy-load shop run by a blind person while the other stall of vegetable was owned by deaf shopkeeper. The people feel pride under the flag of their own parties but the main character Ehsan Qureshi told them that we should be under our national flag which was the only symbol of unity. The writer also criticized adaptation of western culture. Besides the Muslims, the other community like Christians, Hindu, Sikh and other communities residing in Pakistan also felt pride under national flag. The 14 leading characters in the play including Ehsan Qureshi, Naeem Tota, Reha Yousaf, Naeem Bubba, Amin Shehzad, Taskeen Victor and Rana Kashif played wonderful role and received great appreciation from the viewers. Such events are a way to promote healthy activities as theater plays an important role in highlighting and resolving the issues of the society through artistic expressions, said Naheed Manzoor and Resident Director, Waqar Ahmad. 

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