Edhi Centre; best place for orphans to celebrate Eid

ISLAMABAD: Eidul Fitr is a day of rejoicing. All the people, both young and old are dressed in their best clothes, especially for this special day. Apparently, for Ahmad Hassan, seven years of age, an orphaned child at the Edhi Centre, everything seems just right. 
The administration of the Edhi Centre has bought him toys, clothes, and shoes ahead of Eid. However, what this little kid misses are his parents. The hardest part of being an orphan is trying to remember how everything happened, but it just goes by too fast. 
Being a child, Ahmad couldn’t put the pieces together. He couldn’t even remember bits of his past years, not even a flash back here and there. He just said, “I have got everything here except my loving parents whose memories haunt me on permanent basis. I miss them very much, particularly on the eve of Eid.”
Following his parent’s death in a road accident, his relatives handed over Ahmad to Edhi Centre. 
He has been living there for the last three years and is being taken care of by the Edhi Centre’s staff. Ahmad doesn’t exactly remember when that tragedy struck him, but the pain that he has suffered is too irresistible to be contained in his heart. Nevertheless, mention of his deceased father makes his eyes moist. 
“Edhi is my home, I’m very happy here. I have books to read, toys to play with, caring teachers and good friends for company, but I miss my parents,” he said with a lump in his voice.
Shakeel Ahmed who looks after the affairs of the Edhi Centre, while talking to the media personnel said, “A total of 71 homeless children are currently residing at the Edhi Centre in Islamabad. We adopt every child who comes to us for help. It is not a burden. It’s a source of joy for us.” “We think of others that are less fortunate than ourselves on this beautiful day of Eid. 
The death of parents is not the only a misfortune that deprives children of their homes. Many get admitted here when their parents split or die,” he remarked.
Ahmed said, “However, for many, particularly the orphaned children, Eid is sadly no different from the other 364 days of the year. In fact, it is often more painful as they remember their loved ones who have passed away. We try to lessen the grief of these children. Our staff spends their Eid day with these kids instead of with their own family. In order to provide a friendly atmosphere to these children, the Edhi Centre frequently arranges entertaining trips for them. We do it to make them feel that they are not alone. However food items and toys are well come for orphans on Eid days.”
The Edhi Centre has also established a baby cradle service at the centre as a plunge point for the unwanted children. Many people, who due to various social and economic issues cannot afford to keep their kids, for example in the case of illegitimate children, would drop the infants at the service and according to the Edhi’s, no one would investigate the family.

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