Prosecutor wants court to summon AFIC chief

Prosecutor wants court to summon AFIC chief

ISLAMABAD: Special Prosecutor Mohammad Akram Sheikh in the high treason case against Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday filed an application in the special court, seeking to summon Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC) chief Major General Syed Muhammad Imran Majeed for cross-examination.
Akram Sheikh argued that the head of the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology should be asked about the “limited purpose of his findings and opinion to evaluate his report and prescription embodying the desire of the accused”. Sheikh said the AFIC head also needs to be asked as to how many people had died at the AFIC so far due to the illness that Pervez Musharraf is suffering from.
The 70-year-old Musharraf was taken rushed to the military hospital as he was being transported under heavy guard to hear treason charges against him at a special tribunal in Islamabad. The sudden health scare was met with scepticism from some observers and feverish media speculation that his departure from Pakistan on medical grounds could be imminent. Musharraf’s illness is being seen by some as a ploy by him to avoid his high treason trial 
Lawyers for the former military dictator on December 20 appealed to the United Nations to intervene and help prevent him being tried for treason, claiming he faced a “show trial”. Musharraf’s case, initiated by the government, focuses on accusations that he breached the constitution when he imposed emergency rule in 2007. His plea, issued from London by an international legal team, was designed to get the United Nations to urge Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to delay or stop it. 

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