Metro bus project facing delay due to protests

ISLAMABAD: The protests and sit-ins in the capital have turned life and businesses in the twin cities miserable where many mega projects, including the multi-billion metro bus project have been affected badly.The construction work of the mass transit project, which was scheduled to be completed before the end of this year has slowed down. The chairman of the project, in his statements repeatedly termed the project as a unique example of speed, transparency, and standard claiming that its successful launch would silence the critics. However, the metro bus project, which was earlier going through a speedy construction work, is facing some hardships due to the sit-ins in the twin cities, which is causing panic among the residents of the twin cities.Anis Ahmed, 42, a government employee said that he lives in Rawalpindi and works in the Islamabad Secretariat that takes him about one-and-a-half-hour to complete his one side journey. Looking somewhat gloomy, he said that when the project started he was very happy, as he knew that it would reduce his travel time but the current sit-ins and protests have caused uncertainty. “I pray for the peace and stability in the country, especially in the capital as without a stable atmosphere, no development project could be completed,” he maintained.Nasreen Bibi, a government school teacher who also lives in Rawalpindi and works in the capital had the same sentiments. She complained that it was tough for her to travel between the two cities being a female but the announcement of the metro bus project created a ray of hope for females like her. “I don’t know why some people believe in protests and agitation which is never in the interest of the general public,” she stated.The faces of the commuters were glittering while seeing the metro bus work going on smoothly but suddenly with the protests, the body language of the workers of the project seemed confused. A worker of the project said that they come on work everyday but there is an environment of uncertainty all around. Most of the residents of the twin cities have an optimistic approach and believe that the political situation in the country would be settled down peacefully very soon. The residents also look forward for the timely completion of the mega project that would ease their sufferings. The metro bus project was launched on March 23 this year, after the success of Lahore metro bus project and the government further wanted to launch the similar projects in other major cities of Punjab. 

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