Australian envoy bids farewell to Pak scholarship recipients

* 25 professionals to receive training in irrigation, water resource management in Australia
Australian envoy bids farewell to Pak scholarship recipients

ISLAMABAD: Australian High Commissioner Peter Heyward on Monday bid farewell to 25 Pakistani professionals who have been awarded scholarships to undertake agricultural studies at the University of Western Australia, through the Australia Pakistan Agriculture Scholarships (APAS) Short Course Awards programme.  
The award recipients are from across the country, though many come from Punjab and some parts of Sindh where agriculture is a main source of income for the rural communities. 
“This APAS short course provides a short-term study opportunity for professionals and academics who are working in the agriculture sector. 
The studies will increase their knowledge of irrigation and water resource management and help them support better resource use on farms when they return” said Heyward during his address to the award recipients at their pre-departure briefing. 
One of the award recipients said that the APAS award would not only give them the opportunity to benefit from Australia’s expertise in irrigation and water resource management, but would also enhance their understanding of Australia. 
The APAS scheme is part of the Australian government’s Australia Awards, which aim to develop the capacity and leadership skills of individuals so that they can contribute to the development of their home country, and build people-to-people linkages at individual, institutional and country levels. 
Australia has been providing scholarships to Pakistani students since 1991, and Australia awards and demonstrates the strong development partnership that exists between the two countries. 
In 2013-2014 Australia will provide around AU$76m in development assistance to Pakistan, focusing on health, education, governance, trade and agriculture. 

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