Exhibition on Raja Changez Sultan’s paintings kicks off

ISLAMABAD: A solo exhibition, comprising 40 recent and new paintings of internationally renowned painter and poet, Raja Changez Sultan started on Thursday at Tanzara Gallery.
There are a few painters whose work is as instantly recognizable as that of Raja Changez Sultan, his landscapes and figures are covered in mists and veils leaving much to the 
interpretation of the viewer.  
The curator of the gallery Noshi Qadir said, “Over the years, the artist’s work has retained its originality and his paintings stand out for their subject matter as well as the techniques employed, as such his work is easily recognizable in any setting”, she added.
This exhibition features his latest series, the `Wood Nymphs’, based on spirit-like figures in a Himalayan landscape setting, in addition to his series of the Divided Self and the Himalayan Odyssey.
The Himalayan Odyssey is a symphony of towering snow-capped peaks, of morning mist and overshadowed dells. It is a path illuminated by the reflections of sunlight on the snow and filtering through the deep crevices between towering peaks of the Himalayas.
It embodies a passion of unfathomable intensity. The dazzling display of colors and light form an integral part in its overall compositional quality. 
All the landscape elements of spatial perspective and studies of the foreground and receding background are brought into a single forceful depiction.
While `The Divided Self’ is an introspective of different aspects of elements pulling a man forward and pushing him back, the positive and the negatives of a divided entity.
His women are soft and supple but with pale skin. 
But there is something eerie about their countenance, something which makes the viewer pause and contemplate on their somberness and their solemnity. The palette is more subdued, the figures are subtler in their disposition and moods, and his pictures appear to take shape from within the canvas, sculpted onto the surface of the work. 

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