Afghanistan must not provide shelter to fleeing Taliban: FO

* Pakistan says it has adopted policy of not letting its soil used against neighbours and expects others to fulfil their commitments * No plans to sell weapons to Syrian rebels
Afghanistan must not provide shelter to fleeing Taliban: FO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday expressed the hope that Afghanistan, as per international understanding and bilateral understanding, would not allow any terrorists fleeing from tribal areas to take refuge on its territory.
In her weekly press briefing on Thursday Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said military action against terrorists is in progress on this side and Pakistan expects the Afghan government and those managing security in Afghanistan to fulfil their responsibility in this regard. She said Pakistan has assured all its neighbours that it has adopted the policy that its soil should not be used against them and their soil should not be used against Pakistan.
The spokesperson said that during recent trilateral summit at Ankara, Pakistan and Afghanistan reiterated their commitment that they would not allow their soils to be used against national interests of each other. About terrorist hideouts in Afghanistan, the spokesperson said, “We have raised our concern with the countries concerned and hope they would take it seriously.” The spokesperson said Pakistan has repeatedly emphasised the need for better border management.  
She said interior secretary, during his recent visit to Kabul, had fruitful talks and hopefully subsequent meetings would lead to take steps for better management of border. On the question of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, the spokesperson said Iran has not been able to meet its obligations with regard to provision of credit line to Pakistan for the completion of this project due to international sanctions. She said as per agreement, Iran was to provide a credit line but informed Pakistan sometime back that it would unable to do so due to sanctions. 
The spokesperson said any company or consortium too has not evinced interest in getting involved in the project due to sanctions. She hoped that the process is still underway between Iran and international powers to resolve the issue through negotiations and then Pakistan can move ahead on the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project. The spokesperson once again rejected speculations that Pakistan intends to supply arms to Syrian rebels. She said Pakistan sells arms to states and not entities and that too strictly in accordance with the principles and purposes of the UN Charter, under the recognition of the right of states to protect their security, reaffirmation of rights of states to self-defence and observing relevant national laws and regulations on export of conventional arms. 
The spokesperson said Pakistan is persistently and strongly opposed to regime change from outside through any means. She said Pakistan respects territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria and believes in the policy of respect for human rights, stoppage of bloodshed there and welcomes Syrian accession to Chemical Weapons Convention. 

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