PTI unmoved by Article 245 move; vows to approach SC

* Party says calling in army by PML-N is tantamount to confession of failure to run govt * Time for reconciliatory approaches is over * Invites like-minded parties to ‘Azadi March’

ISLAMABAD: The core committee of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday resolved unanimously that time for talking or negotiating on thumbprints verification of four electoral constituencies is over and that the PTI has spent over a year seeking justice through election tribunals and courts, including the Supreme Court, but to no avail.
“We sought to work through Parliament also but the committee formed to examine electoral rigging was dismantled by the PML-N after two of its meetings. We also sought the constitution of a judicial committee to examine the results of four constituencies through thumbprints verification within a period of two weeks but again there was a stony silence. Now the time for such approaches is over,” the committee said. 
The committee also decided that now the decisions would be made after the ‘Azadi (independence) March’ arrives in Islamabad.The core committee also resolved that any party willing to support the PTI’s democratic and constitutional agenda would be welcome to join the Azadi March. “To this end, we will approach all like-minded parties prepared to use constitutional means to achieve our democratic agenda,” it added.The committee also stressed that the entire PTI leadership was on the same page and was committed to going all the way to achieve its goals, including resignation from the assemblies, if required.
The core committee also stated that it would not, under any circumstances, accept the PML-N government’s decision to invoke Article 245, calling in the army in support of civil administration in Islamabad. “If the government has withdrawn its decision to invoke Article 245, it is a realpolitik decision.”
It said that democratic governments do not resort to invoking provisions like Article 245 as it effectively signals an admission of failure to govern and maintain law and order to protect citizens. While the nation is very clear that the PML-N government has failed on all fronts, besides being an admission of its failure that it cannot protect the capital and its citizens and sensitive installations, it is an admission by the PML-N government of its overall failure, the committee added.
It was also a clear sign that the PML-N government was trying to hide its rigging in May 2013 elections while the PTI was exposing the same, it added.
It said that if the PML-N government was seeking to place the Azadi March in direct confrontation with the army, that was a dangerous tactic and also futile because the PTI has always had a culture of peaceful protests and marches.
If the government thinks of invoking Article 245 again for Islamabad, the core committee said, the PTI reserves the right to move the Supreme Court.

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