Father of Nation’s 137th birthday marked : Need for adhering to Quaid-i-Azam’s philosophy stressed

Father of Nation’s 137th birthday marked :  Need for adhering   to Quaid-i-Azam’s   philosophy stressed

ISLAMABAD: The 137th birth anniversary of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was celebrated on Wednesday in a befitting manner in the capital, like other parts of the country.
It was a public holiday and the national flag was hoisted on principal government buildings. The day dawned with special prayers for the progress and prosperity of the country.
Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television aired special programmes on the occasion, while various newspapers published special supplements.
Social, political and literary organisations arranged special ceremonies to celebrate the birthday of Quaid-i-Azam
 During the ceremonies, speakers paid tribute to the founder of Pakistan, besides highlighting his life, ideas and achievements that led to the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. 
People got an opportunity to participate in activities arranged by the government, while schoolchildren also organised scout rallies and march-pasts. 
On the day, the Rawalpindi Arts Council arranged a photographic exhibition wherein pictures and historical documents pertaining to Quaid-i-Azam were put on display to highlight different aspects of his life. 
More than 100 rare pictures of the founder of Pakistan were exhibited at the council in connection with the Quaid’s birthday celebrations. RAC Resident Director Waqar Ahmed flanked by Dr Fauzia Moghees inaugurated the exhibition, which was also attended by a large number of people from different walks of life. 
In his address, Waqar Ahmed said that ‘work, work and more work’ was the message of the great leader and he succeeded in achieving a separate homeland, Pakistan, by adhering to this philosophy. “He laid out the principles of unity, organisation and faith for the nation to make headway on the path to progress and development,” he added. A cake was also cut on the occasion. The exhibition will continue until December 28.
Separately, State Minister for Education Baleeghur Rehman said that the government would follow the vision and sayings of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah about the provision of inexpensive education to the people.
He was speaking at the concluding ceremony of a three-day event at the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU). Addressing the participants, he expressed his resolve to ensure proper brought up of the youth, enabling them to play their positive and constructive role in society.
The minister hoped that the AIOU would continue to play its leading role in providing quality and affordable education to the people at their doorsteps. He said that the government had set up the National Curriculum Commission to prepare a unified curriculum for public and private institutions in consultation with the provincial governments.
He said that the government was attaching high priority to achieve the goals in the educational sector. About the allocation of budget for the education sector, he said, “The annual GDP’s ratio will be increased from 2 to 4 per cent during the next four years.”
He advised educational institutions to focus more on the character-building of the youth, besides polishing their leadership qualities.
In this connection, he appreciated the initiatives taken by the AIOU VC for providing equal accessibility of quality education to the students and setting up well-equipped infrastructure across the country. The government, he said, was actively engaged in developing the country’s socio-economic system according to the vision and desires of Quaid-i-Azam and their national heroes.
“There is no dearth of talents and resources in the country, so there was no need for disappointment. We must keep up our hope for a better future,” he remarked.

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