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* Goodwill match brings closer the diplomats and Rootsians

Whether on village green or town recreation ground, the friendly cricket match is a quintessentially British past time. Preserving the tradition and promoting the noble cause of improving the international image of Pakistan Roots International Schools collaborated with Canadian High Commission yesterday.
Opening a door way to collaboration, mutual peace, trade and education linkages the match brought together the young old, novices and experts. One could surely find the serenity and sportsman spirit in the air.
The match was played on crisp Saturday morning under the lovely weather near the Murghzar ground, Saidpur village. The diplomats and representatives from various countries played against young Roostians during the match and it rained sixes and fours. Though the men battled it out on the ground, a far younger team of RIS had a comfortable win. While The Canadian High Commission set the score of 56 in 6 overs,  RIS under the captainship of Shahzad Qaiser successfully chased the scores in 5 overs and notched the winning trophy. Affan Dar, a student of A-levels in RIS was declared as the “Man of the Match”and it was a very well played match.
Mr. WalidMushtaq being one of the partners in the match encouraged and emboldened the collaboration with Canadian High Commission saying “This friendly cricket match is just a quest to bring various cultures together to promote cultural diversity and harmony. Professional cricket can be left with the experts, league cricket is for those motivated by glory and the result. Friendly cricket is a refuge for those who prefer sportsmanship and camaraderie. We all have joined hands to promote a noble cause”.
Peter Heyward, Ambassador of US H.E. Mr. Richard Olsen, Raven Judith Cultural Attaché US Embassy Islamabad,Head of European Union delegation in Pakistan H.E. Mr. Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Canadian high commissioner H.E. Mr. Greg Giokas along with other diplomatsparticipated and rejoiced making the match an enthralling and worth watching event.
H.E. Mr. Richard Olsen praised the sportsman spirit of Roostians and said that he is looking forward to having many more events with Roots International Schools. He said it was great to watch Pakistani and foreigners playing in a bid to encourage other foreign teams to come to Pakistan.
H.E Mr. Greg Giokas, Canadian High Commissioner congratulated RIS and said that Pakistan is a safe place and we wish that foreign teams start playing in Pakistan grounds like before. This Goodwill cricket match between Rootsians and Diplomats brought forth the best of sporting skills of both the sides.
The friendly match was a perfect day out for all the participants and the spectators. 

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