Solid waste disposal management plan required to protect capital

Solid waste disposal management plan required to protect capital

ISLAMABAD: The convener of the sub-committee of the functional committee on human rights, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, on Friday said that a concrete solid waste disposal management plan should be introduced urgently to safeguard the beauty of the federal capital.
Chairing the committee meeting on Friday, he said that availability of clean drinking water was also prerequisite, as it is basic need of every citizen and people are suffering through a number of diseases, especially waterborne diseases, due to scarcity of this basic need.
Senator Farhatullah Babar said a mass transit system was also imperative exclusively for the twin cities to check air pollution increasing day by day, causing negative effects on the health of the masses due to the increasing number of private vehicles.
The proposal has been given in response to the point raised by the Environment Protection Agency director general who informed the participants of the meeting that almost 300,000 vehicles were running on the roads of the capital, among which 90,000 entered the city through the Kashmir Highway.
Senator Hadayatullah recommended that a strict regulation of cement factories was also a need of the hour so that their production should be restricted according to the requirement of the country, as export of cement at the cost of the city’s beautification was not justified.
Member of National Assembly Asad Omer, who attended the meeting on the special request, said the import duty of polyethylene should be increased, which results in high cost of production of these plastic bags, and ultimately discourage use of these bags in daily life.
He also recommended that to cope with the issue of kachi abadi (slums) in the federal capital, a comprehensive study should be conducted, besides a concrete plan for relocation of the inhabitants, as it was the responsibility of the government to take care of the rights of every citizen.
The members of the meeting were also informed that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) chairman had been directed to constitute a team, including CDA state and environment members, which shall put up a report that no construction of tunnels, crushing stones, encroachments or any other such activity was taking place in the national park area, and stop such activities at once, if found any.
A CDA official also informed that the natural biodegradation process of waste had already taken place, and that the site would be levelled and decontaminated with spray.
“A thick layer of fertile soil will be laid out and tree plantation will be carried out during the coming spring season. The recycling industry will be encouraged to utilise recoverable materials such as metal, glass, plastics, etc,” he said. 

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